The Florida Festivals and Events Association's mission is to promote and strengthen the festival, event and fair industry in Florida.

Our vision is to be the leading resource for festival, event and fair professionals and organizations in Florida.

Since 1994, the Florida Festivals and Events Association, Inc. (FFEA) has grown to more than 550 members strong and collectively represents 3,500 events throughout the state of Florida. FFEA has hosted more than 3,300 event organizers, vendors, speakers and sponsors at its annual convention and trade shows. In addition, FFEA has presented nearly 1,000 awards recognizing the creative and technical innovations of its members.

Special Thanks to our Past Presidents for Helping to Shape FFEA:

1994                    Pat Craig-Corda

1995-1997           Eleanor Krusell

1998                    Holly Floyd Shipman

1999                    Michelle Eassa

2000                    Darrell Stefany

2001-2002           Toni Matison

2002-2004           Vicki Chouris

2004-2005           Emily Rogers

2005-2007           Rick Vymlatil

2007-2009           Joe Shipes

2009-2011           Harvey Campbell

2011-2012           Kimberly Faulk

2012-2014           Katherine Phillips-Chaplin

2014 - 2016         Patti Hamilton