SPONSORSHIP opportunities

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Florida Festivals and Events Association. FFEA works throughout the year to promote and strengthen the festival, event and fair industry in Florida through education, networking, dissemination of information, and the cultivation of high standards for the industry.


FFEA Members represent a Broad Range of event planners, producers, vendors and suppliers with significant purchasing power. CLICK HERE for more information on the demographic makeup and spending patterns of our members.


FFEA Sponsors who take advantage of the year-round benefits that their partnership offers show an extremely high return on investment.

“While at the FFEA Convention, I was able to meet with six large event directors and share what our company specialized in.  Within three months of the FFEA tradeshow, we were able to gain commitments from three directors to supply the merchandise for their upcoming events. The ending result was that Topline was able to help the events grow their merchandise sales by almost double from previous years.  A true win-win for all entities.”   - Mark Nelson, Top Line


To view a full list of benefits by sponsorship level please view the  sponsorship matrix of benefits.  We encourage you to take advantage of the great benefits an annual sponsorship offers.


FFEA is proud to partner with some of the best in the event industry. Click here to view our current list of sponsor partners.