Jesse Stoll, Operations Coordinator                                                                      

Music has always been a strong vein running through Jesse Stoll’s blood since the day he was born. Always an active thrill seeker with sports, adventures and traveling, music always seemed to guide him through life. Growing up in South Florida and graduating with a BA in Business Management and minor in Music Business at the University of Miami, Jesse set off to tackle the music world with passion and voracity. Throughout his years in college, Jesse ran point as the alternative college marketing representative at Sony BMG for South Florida and along with a long standing and acclaimed college department, he served as a spring board for artists including Matisyahu, MGMT, The Fray and many others. Along with his experience on the record side of the business, Jesse managed bands including Big Bang Radio who opened for countless national artists and placed third on a national reality television show out of tens of thousands of rock bands. A major part of his inspiration and guidance came from his father Jon Stoll, founder and president of Fantasma Productions, one of the last surviving independent concert promoters in a sea of corporate sharks and greedy music executives – It was all about the fans, the love and passion of rock n’ roll and the vintage and genuine concert experience. Jon Stoll died in January of 2008 from Glioblaustoma, an aggressive form of Stage 4 cancer. The company was sold shortly thereafter in 2008 and hopes and dreams to carry on the independent concert tradition at Fantasma were crushed. However shortly after the sale of the business and graduating college in May of 2008, Jesse joined concert promoter AEG Live. He was selected as one of Billboard’s prestigious 30 under 30, a hand selected group of music business professionals under 30 years old touted as the next protégés in the business. Over the next 5 years, Jesse went on to produce several major festivals and various sell-out concerts including Mary J. Blige, Martin Lawrence, Santana, Dolly Parton, and many more. Jesse continues to work as a talent buyer and producer across the Southeast of the country for AEG Live.