The FFEA Education & Emerging Leaders Committee encourages its members to utilize students from Event Management Programs at Florida based Universities when producing their events. Details on each participating University are listed below.


Chaplin Career Development Services

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Career Development Program assists students and alumni by providing guidance and resources for the achievement of career goals and making connections between their academic experiences and desired career paths.


Industry Experience Requirement

Undergraduate students must complete 1,000 hours of industry related work. An additional 300 hours and 10 weeks minimum are required to fulfill the HFT 4945 – Advanced Internship course. A maximum of 500 hours of prior work experience can be applied to this requirement. The remaining amount must be completed while enrolled in the program.

Graduate students must complete 1,000 hours of hospitality related practical training work experience plus 300 hours for the Graduate Internship. A minimum of 800 hours must be completed while enrolled in the graduate program at FIU. Students with prior experience may request a waiver for all or part of this requirement.

How do I recruit an intern from FIU?

First, determine the available intern positions at your company. Then write a great internship description that will attract students and detail the learning opportunities, type of projects assigned, and qualifications. Create an account and post your opportunities directly to FIU students via our Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management Career Linkat Evaluate student resumes on the website and conduct interviews. Lastly, select qualified candidates to intern at your company.






College of Applied Studies Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Tourism and Events

The Recreation, Tourism and Events (RTE) program averages 60 students completing work towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation, Tourism and Events, many specializing in events.  The final requirement is successful completion of an internship with an approved provider.  Considered to be a full-time academic load (15 credits) for one semester, the internship requires the student to work a minimum 40 hours per week in the agency for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks during the semester (minimum 480 hours).   Students are seeking a variety of internship experiences in unique settings throughout Florida and beyond. 

Minor in Recreation, Tourism, and Events

The minor in Recreation, Tourism, and Events averages 75 students from various complimentary fields of study who are exploring the field of recreation, tourism and events. The minor consists of 12 hours of coursework allowing the student to tailor their learning in the recreation, tourism and events industry.

Opportunity Postings – the RTE has an internal website for posting and notification to students of internship, part- and full-time employment, and volunteer opportunities. To submit information, please contact Mrs. Donna Trafford at



Graduate Certificate in Event Management

The capstone course for students earning the Graduate Certificate in Event Management is a semester based three credit experiential practicum.  Designed to provide students an opportunity to apply knowledge, skills and abilities developed during their academic preparation, the practicum requires direct supervised work with an approved provider for a minimum of 150 hours over an extended period of time, but not less than twelve weeks.

Practicum may take place with a variety of agencies that have quality event programs and services, the desire and ability to cooperate in providing a stimulating management level learning experience, and qualified personnel to supervise students.

Opportunity Postings – the Graduate Certificate in Event Management program has an internal website for posting and notification to students of practicum, part- and full-time employment, and volunteer opportunities. To submit information, please contact Ms. Rosemary Prince at




UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management students are required to complete three (3) semesters of experiential learning (internships, part- and full-time positions) to graduate.  They must work at least 16 hours a week and be paid in some method, either hourly or stipend.  Our internships are an academic class, so they follow the college semesters.

UCF Rosen College Bachelor of Science in Event Management - We have 3,500 students at Rosen College, 1,200 of which are earning their Bachelor of Science in Event Management.  These students take courses in all aspects of meeting, trade show and event planning, as well as actually participate in creating an event, some with external clients.  Important aspects of their curriculum are marketing, production, fundraising, budgets and technology.  We also encourage our students to join industry organizations and volunteer for meetings and events to increase their knowledge.

Opportunity Postings - Rosen College has a listserv that goes out daily advertising internship, part- and full-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities.  If interested, please send your posting to  Our students are mobile as the Experiential Learning class is on-line.





UF College of Health and Human Performance & E-Newsletter

The College of Health and Human Performance enrolls 1,845 students. These students receive a weekly electronic newsletter containing information about volunteer and internship opportunities. If you are interested in posting to this e-newsletter, please contact Dawn Shores at

UF Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management

The Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management has 705 students enrolled and many of these students are earning a Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Events, Recreation, and Management. These students are required to complete 80 hours of volunteer work the semester prior to their internship and are also required to complete a 13-week internship, working 40 hours per week during the semester of expected graduation.

The Student Manual and Employer Requirements listed below are resources to help you determine whether or not your agency would like to be considered as an internship site. Dr. Douglas DeMichele is the Internship Coordinator for the Department. If you have any questions, please contact him at (352) 294-1660 or by e-mail at