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IEG Briefing: Sponsorship's New Benefits

IEG Briefing: Sponsorship's New Benefits

IEG has long been recognized as the industry leader in all things SPONSORSHIP so when their Senior VP, Jim Andrews sends out a new briefing I always take the time to really put aside all distractions and study its contents. The company's insights into everything from valuation to sales strategy help keep companies large and small "in the know" when it comes to their sponsorship programs. Their latest briefing does not disappoint!  Here's what Jim has to say about what you need to consider when considering benefits to offer to potential sponsors:

"It’s time to change the conversation about what rightsholders can offer prospective corporate partners.

The only way for sponsors and properties to establish meaningful partnerships that deliver real results for both parties is to move beyond the standard assets that currently comprise most sponsorship offers.

IEG’s new briefing spotlights the seven critical sponsorship benefits that sponsors should require and rightsholders must provide if they want to find success in today’s marketplace by connecting with audiences, consumers and customers."

CLICK HERE to view the full article and download the briefing.

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