Harold Cummings, Drummer Boy Sound Productions


Harold Cummings – CEO of Miami’s Drummer Boy Sound Productions,(DBS), one of the co-founders for Design South Florida by day, and a Field Training Police Officer (FTO) by night.

Harold Cummings was born in Queens and bred in Huntsville, AL, Cummings studied music from an early age, playing violin, viola, piano, trumpet, baritone and drums. While music has been an important part of his life, he has never aspired to be a professional musician. Instead he aimed for a career as a doctor, taking pre med studies at college and then switched gears.

Cummings made Miami his permanent home in 1985, and 15 or so years later, became heavily involved in musical production. The inspiration to form DBS originated - that, and being nicknamed “Drummer Boy” by his wife Tangela.

Since 2003, DBS has been providing all manner of audio and production services for clients planning events and festivals ranging in size from 50 to 50,000 people.

In 2012 Cummings was hired by AEG Live to become the new Operations Site Manager for the Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival in Miami Gardens, FL.

Cummings, is an inspiration to all. He loves live production, festival events, and keeping criminals off the streets. He continues to buy new equipment, learn the latest technology, and working with producers to grow festivals while at the same time running a successful production business.