Andrea Ramos, Community Engagement Administrator, City of North Miami


Andrea A. Ramos is the Community Engagement Administrator for the City of North Miami within the Parks & Recreation Department. A Certified Park & Recreation Professional, she is known as the “Special Events Lady” in her community.  Originally from Brooklyn, NY, she moved to North Miami as a child and has grown up in the community.  She graduated from Florida International University with her teaching degree and oversaw a competitive gymnastics program for several years and moved into developing programming for the Parks & Recreation Department.  During her time in programming, she began giving her attention to detail and creative help to the special events the city was hosting.  Since 2000, Andrea has been the “go to” person to provide guidance, produce and execute all municipal supported events in the city. She has moved up in the ranks and has been able to provide numerous future Special Event Interns with a learning platform in a real-life scenario in government.  “I feel a successful event is not the outcome of the work of one person, but the collective efforts of an effective TEAM to provide a positive memorable experience for the attendee.”